Committee Descriptions


  • ByLaws Committee – periodically review the District bylaws and propose amendments as appropriate. Respond to inquiries from District Board, Executive Committee, and International which may lead to amendments.
  • Distinguished Service Award – responsibility of Immediate Past Chair, to select a recipient for the Harvey Boutwell Distinguished Service Award.
  • Student Paper, Student Chapter, and Section Activity Award- responsibility of the Vice Chair to receive Student Chapter and Section reports, and student papers, and make selections. Vice Chair may appoint additional members to review submissions if needed.
  • District Nominating Committee – responsible for nominating individuals for District office (2 candidates for Secretary/Treasurer, one for Vice Chair, and one for Chair unless those became vacant during the year); once every 3 years, also responsible for nominating 2 candidates for International Director. This three – member committee to be drawn from the Section from which the candidates will come, based on the established District rotation.
  • Teller Committee – to receive and count ballots for District election; to receive and certify reports
    from e-ballot vendor for International Director election.
  • Membership Committee – responsibility to receive reports from International concerning delinquent members and other issues; to coordinate with Section membership chairs; to respond to International campaigns on recruitment and retention, as well as develop District and Section membership campaigns.
  • Technical Committee – to coordinate with Section Technical Committee chairs, communicating the results of completed local projects to the other Sections and to International, often through the appropriate Council. To facilitate the sharing of ideas among Sections and Student Chapters on technical projects.
  • Student Chapter Coordinator – to communicate with Section Student Chapter Coordinators, student chapter advisors and presidents, learning about activities they have planned or have done; to share those ideas among all the chapters; to encourage the submission
    of student chapter annual reports; to be the first recipient of requests for District support for specific activities; to facilitate the District Student Traffic Bowl; to encourage the submission of student papers; to facilitate connections between student chapters and ITE members.
  • Annual Meeting Chair/Local Arrangements Committee – to develop proposals for Annual Meeting location and program for consideration and approval by the District Board; to develop a meeting budget for approval by the District Board; to create the Annual Meeting in concert with District guidelines.
  • Webmaster – to keep the District website updated by posting information received from District
    Executive Committee and Board members, International, and Sections; to share information received with Section webmasters.



  • Nominations Committee – the International Nominations Committee is responsible for nominating two individuals each year for the office of International Vice President. It comprises one representative from each District. The Committee typically meets at the ITE Technical Conference, the Annual Meeting, and in conjunction with the fall International Board of Direction meeting in October in Washington DC. Our representative receives a $500 travel stipend, but in general must be responsible for attending these meetings.
  • Policy & Legislative Committee – responsible for reviewing, developing, and updating the body of ITE Policies, and for creating draft positions on legislative issues. While this is primarily focused on U.S.
    law, there are international members on the Committee. The Committee has a number of appointed members, but also provides the opportunity for membership from each District and each Council. ITE International’s Policy and Legislative Committee typically meets at TRB, at ITE’s
    Spring Technical Conference, and its Annual Meeting. Policies drafted by the committee go through a thorough vetting process: the International Board must first approve the draft policy for publication in the ITE Journal for member comment (and sometimes send the draft back to the Committee for changes before taking that step); the committee must then respond to all comments received, possibly modifying the draft ; once approved by committee, the final draft goes back to the International Board for approval. The District and its Sections cannot take positions on legislative issues at any level of government unless the position is in agreement with adopted ITE International policy.


Northeastern District Policy and Legislative Committee Chair representative must:

  1. Be familiar with the ITE Policies (posted on the ITE website)
  2. Coordinate with Section legislative chairs on state and local policy issues
  3. Review state transportation legislative initiatives within the District
  4. Bring to the attention of the International Committee pending state or local transportation-focused legislation that could directly affect District Members and is not addressed by current ITE policy, so policy development can be initiated
  5. Communicate to District and Section Boards any requests from International for action on federal
    legislative initiatives/issues
  6. Provide brief semi-annual Policy and Legislative Committee reports to the Executive Board timed for review at the Annual and fall meetings.