Dear ITE Northeastern District members, friends, associates, affiliates and interested transportation professionals:

I am honored to serve as your District Chair for 2017, thank you for allowing me to ascend to this position. I look to continue the tradition of the Chair presiding over the District and furthering the needs of our members. I have goals for this year: Ensuring the continued success of our wonderful annual meetings, supporting our Sections and Chapters (including students), and a promise to revamp our website in the coming year. Paul Pfleugger is our current webmaster and is working diligently to make it a better website volunteering his time as so many of us do for this great organization.  However a revamp is needed and I will propose to the Board structural changes to the management of the website in the future.

Please see our link to the 2017 Annual meeting being held May 10-12 at Crystal Springs Resort in Mount Vernon, New Jersey, hosted by the ITE Met Section this year. I encourage you to participate in the meeting by attending and interacting with meeting attendees and seminar presenters to further your knowledge of transportation.

And speaking of transportation, what a wonderful time to be in the transportation industry. Fundamental changes are coming to our industry. Changes which are likely to reshape the way people and goods are transported by the advent of autonomous vehicles. Clearly we are on the cusp of a new paradigm, a revolution of sorts similar to the changeover from horse and buggy to the horseless carriage generations ago. Some have opined that there is an earthquake of change across several industries from the technology advancement which will reshape our economy. Some of foreseen a negative effect to the average worker. I see the possibility that a traffic engineer’s role in our society could be undermined by the new technology. Regardless, technology is going to change and we need to learn to adapt to the coming changes. No matter your position, it is an exciting time in our history.

Again, I look forward to serving the membership and doing the best I can to keep us on the cutting edge of knowledge of the technologies forcing change in our industry.

Joseph C. Balskus, P.E., PTOE
Northeastern District Chairperson