September 2013 Meeting Minutes


September 2013 Meeting Minutes

Attendees included:

Michael Wieszchowski, Chair * Joe Balskus, NE Section*
Michael Knodler, Vice Chair * Kim Hazarvartian, NE Section*
Gordon Meth, Secretary/Treasurer * Lynn LaMunyon, MET Section *
Armando Lepore, Immediate Past Chair * Adam Allen, MET Section President *
Paula Benway, International Director * Kimberly M. Fabend, NY Upstate Section Director *
Steven Gayle, District Administrator Mark Sargent, NY Upstate Section President *
Terry Rick, NY Upstate Ken Petraglia, International Director designate/NE Section*

* Denotes voting member


  1. Call to Order

At 1:25 PM Michael Wieszchowski, District Chair, called the meeting to order and thanked everyone for attending.


  1. Introductions and Quorum Determination

Introductions were made and a roll call of delegates was completed. It was determined that a quorum was present with 11 of 20 voting members participating (12 later).

  1. Report of Chairman

Michael Wieszchowski congratulated Ken Petraglia on being elected District International Director.  He also congratulated John Kennedy on being elected International Vice President.

  1. Report of Immediate Past Chairman

Armando Lepore thanked everyone for their support during the course of his time on the District Board.

  1. Report of Vice Chairman

Mike Knodler had no specific items to report that wasn’t already on the agenda, other than he has been involved in discussions regarding changing how the business of the District is conducted.

  1. Report of Secretary

Gordon Meth reported that minutes were up to date.

Mike Knodler motioned to approve the meeting minutes from the May 22, 2013 Executive Committee Meeting. Armando Lepore seconded, and the motion was approved unanimously. 

  1. Report of the International Director

Paula Benway, International Director, noted that her written report was forwarded to board members. Paula provided an update of the activities of the International Board of Direction (IBOD).  The following are the highlights of here report:

  • She suggested that everyone look at the Youtube video “What it ITE” developed by Zaki Mustafa.
  • ITE International membership has stabilized through the end of June.
  • ITE HQ has been undertaking and aggressive program of recruiting agency membership. One issue that is rising is the increases in Life Members and Agency membership, both of which have no or subsidized dues.
  • ITE received over 4,000 responses to the ITE membership survey. The key items that will be addressed as a result of the survey were improving member services, improving annual meetings, and improving the ITE web-site.
  • Leadership ITE received 30 participants for the first class.
  • Next year ITE will be revamping policies and procedures, and updating the strategic plan.
  1. Report of District Administrator – District Finances

Steve Gayle presented the 2012-2013 budget line items and reported that as of the end of the fiscal year, the District had $41,170.17 in the bank (see attached budget report).  Expenses exceeded revenues by $2,354.93, which was less than anticipated by the budget ($19,200.00 shortfall was anticipated).

The preliminary draft of the 2013-2014 budget included a $11,625 transfer from reserves (i.e. deficit budget) with an initial amount of $38,125 in expenses.

The Northampton Annual Meeting returned seed money of $3500, insurance loan of $303, and $12361.81 surplus.

Steven Gayle announced that Gordon Meth completed the Annual Audit Report.

Mark Sargent motioned to accept the Annual Audit Report.  Paula Benway seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

  1. Annual Meeting Reports

2013 – Northampton, Massachusetts

Co-Chairs Joe Balskus and Mike Knodler presented a summary report from the meeting.  Attendance was over 280, with 33 students.  There were 14 technical sessions.  There was healthy vendor participation (14 vendors), and all seemed happy with the conference.  They used cVent for registration, and they felt that it went very well.  The meeting ended up with a $12,361.81 surplus – largely due to consultant support being far above budget.


It is noted that the District traffic bowl system disappeared after the Lake Placid meeting.


2014 – Long Branch, New Jersey

Co-Chair Lynn LaMunyon presented details on the upcoming meeting in Long Branch, New Jersey. The meeting is proposed to run from Wednesday May 14, through Friday, May 16 and would be based at the Ocean Place Resort & Spa, which is located next to the Atlantic Ocean. A draft meeting budget was presented (see attached). The meeting registration cost will be $275 per attendee ($25 for Students).  The rooms will be $199 per night.


International Annual Meeting

Ken Petraglia thanked everyone for their efforts, and indicated that the meeting was a success.  Attendance was approximately 950.  The NE District gave out 20 1-day passes to government people.  Ken wrote up a lessons learned, which he will distribute once we gets input from Rod Emery and John Kennedy.


2015 – will be in Upstate New York – potential venues are to be presented in January meeting


  1. Budget Discussion

Michael Wieszchowski initiated a discussion regarding the support of Leadership ITE.  Four candidates from the NE District were accepted, and we committed $3,000 to support candidates from the NE District.   A lengthy discussion about how to allocate the funding followed.  It was decided that we would not give funds to ITE Headquarters funds unrestricted.


Lynn MaMunyon motioned that all funding be divided equally among candidates, and give the candidates the ability to accept it or decline.  All funds will be distributed equally among those taking funding.  Mark Sergent seconded. The motion passed unanimously, with 1 abstention.

We discussed potential amendments to budget.  We discussed adding $1,000 to Leadership ITE, increasing A lengthy discussion about how to allocate the funding followed.  It was decided that we would not give funds to ITE Headquarters funds unrestricted.


Gordon Meth motioned that we amend the budget to increase Leadership ITE support to $6,000, increase insurance to $1,000, and increase web site to $1,500.  Armando Lepore seconded. The motion passed with 9 affirmative, 2 nays, and 1 abstention.

  1. Report of Student Chapter Coordinator

Mike Wieszchowski, who was speaking on behalf of Mike Salatti, indicated that we don’t have a way of tracking the level of activity of student chapters.  He noted that it appears that we are the only District that handles the student chapter funds.  We had a lengthy discussion about student chapters and young professionals, but came to no conclusions.


  1. Other Committees

Gordon Meth and Steve Gayle gave an update on the work of the ad-hoc Finance subcommittee.  The report was that the current reliance on Annual Meeting surpluses is not sustainable, and that a dues increase was needed.  A discussion followed, and it was agreed that further discussion at the next meeting was needed.


Kim Hazarvartian gave an update on bylaws committee.  He indicated that a few changes to bylaws were required, mostly related to the authorization for expenditures in excess of the budget, and the need for approval from the NE District Executive Board.  Steve Gayle suggested that many bylaws should be removed and replaced with Board Procedures, which can be amended by the Board on an as needed basis.

  1. Old Business

Michael Wieszchowski indicated that he had distributed a shell of the new NE District website.  Work is still needed, and hopefully it will be up and running by the end of the year.

  1. New Business

NE District Treasurer/Secretary candidates – Don Adams indicated that they have one candidate so far and are working on it.


Mike Knodler indicated that the January meeting will be held in conjunction with a Strategic Planning Committee meeting, and it will be located somewhere in the Hudson Valley region.

  1. Adjournment

Gordon Meth motioned to adjourn at 4:38 PM. Kim Fabend seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


Separate Attachments:

  1. Benway, September 2013 Executive Director’s Report

2013 May NED Meeting Notes

  1. Gayle, 2013-2014 Northeastern District Budget
  2. Wieszchowski, District By-laws
  3. Knodler and J. Balskus, 2013 Annual Meeting Final Report
  4. McMenamin and L. LaMunyon, 2014 Annual Meeting Progress Report

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