January 2013 Meeting Minutes


January 2013 Meeting Minutes

Attendees included:

Michael Wieszchowski, Chair

Michael Knodler, Vice Chair & 2013 District Annual Meeting Co-Chair

Gordon Meth, Secretary/Treasurer

Armando Lepore, Immediate Past Chair

Paula Benway, International Director

Steven Gayle, District Administrator

John Kennedy, Candidate for International Vice President

Joseph Balskus (via phone), 2013 District Annual Meeting Co-Chair

Lynn LaMunyon (via phone) & Bill McMenamin (via phone), 2014 District Annual Meeting Co-Chair


  1. Welcome and Quorum Determination

At 11:38 AM, District Chair, Michael Wieszchowski, called the meeting to order.  Michael indicated that there was a quorum with all Northeastern District Executive Committee Members in attendance.


  1. Results of Northeastern District Officer Elections for 2013 Calendar Year, Michael Wieszchowski

Michael Wieszchowski reported the results of the election of officers for 2013 as follows based upon the Tellers report from Gary Hebert:

District Chair:  Michael Wieszchowski

District Vice-Chair:  Michael Knodler

District Secretary/Treasurer:  Gordon Meth

Armando Lepore motioned to accept the Teller Committee report and destroy the ballots.  Michael Knodler seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Armando Lepore moved to authorize Gordon Meth to be a signatory on all bank accounts of the ITE Northeastern District. Michael Knodler seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.



  1. Recognition of New Board Members, Michael Wieszchowski

Mike Wieszchowski congratulated and welcomed Gordon Meth as the new District Secretary/Treasurer.


  1. 2014 Northeast District Annual Meeting Progress Memorandum, Bill McMenamin and Lynn LaMunyon

A Manhattan venue is no longer an option.  The committee considered the Thayer at West Point, and Ocean Place in Long Branch on the New Jersey Shore.  The conference committee has selected Ocean Place at Long Branch.  Room rates will be $199 per night.  Anticipated registration is $250.  The dates would be May 14-16, 2014.  There was a discussion about raising this to $275 to be consistent with the 2013 meeting.  It was decided that a decision on the price would be deferred to a later date.


Armando Lepore motioned to accept the meeting location and dates.  Paula Benway seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


  1. Report of Chairman, Michael Wieszchowski

Mike Wieszchowski reviewed the package of information he provided to the board.  Mike indicated that he is concerned that the website is out of date and needs updating.


  1. Report of Vice Chairman, Mike Knodler

Mike Knodler opened discussion about meeting notes from the September meeting.  No comments were noted.

Armando Lepore motioned to approve the meeting notes for the September 20, 2012 meeting.  Paula Benway seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Mike mentioned he will coordinate the District Awards this year and will coordinate with Mike Wieszchowski to observe last year’s award ratings and summary to use as a guide.  Mike Knodler discussed that he would like to have multiple awards for student papers like last year, in order to increase participation.  He would also like to provide awards for best student poster at the district meeting.

Gordon Meth motioned to provide a $200 cash prize for best student poster and a consolation prize to all other participants at the 2013 annual meeting.  Armando Lepore seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


  1. Report of Immediate Past Chairman, Armando Lepore

Armando thanked everyone for their support last year and mentioned he felt that District service was very rewarding.  His report was distributed in advance of the meeting, and he asked that if anyone had any comments to please forward them to him.


  1. Committees and Appointments, Part 1, Michael Wieszchowski

Michael Wieszchowski indicated that Lynn LaMunyon has been selected as the representative to the nominating committee for International Vice President candidates.  There is a line item for up to $1,500 travel stipend for this position.


  1. Report of the International Director, Paula Benway

Paula distributed her report and provided an update of the activities of the International Board of Direction (IBOD). The most recent meeting prior to our District Board meeting was held November 8th and 9th at ITE Headquarters in Washington D.C.

Some of the critical issues discussed at the IBOD meeting which were subsequently discussed during the course of the District Board meeting included the following:

  • ITE is anticipating breaking even for 2012, but their finances were behind schedule.
  • There has been a continuing drop in membership – there was a loss of 585 members, with 2,560 “unpaid” members.
  • They thought that Atlanta would be more successful than it was.  ITE was assessed an attrition fee of $58,000 for underselling of rooms.
  • Upcoming meetings include San Diego (Mar. 2013) and Boston (Aug. 2013).



  1. District Finances, Steve Gayle

Steve distributed the current budget with actual revenue/expenditures to date as the budget period is from July 2012 through June 2013.  Notable activity included:

  • Dues distribution was just provided to the sections
  • Travel assistance checks were distributed to Section Presidents and District Officers.


Steve Gayle brought up the subject of looking for feedback on how the student chapter support money was being used by the sections.  It was suggested that a report be required from each section on how the money was spent before additional distributions be given.


  1. Committees and Appointments, Part 2, Michael Wieszchowski

Michael Wieszchowski opened a discussion regarding the appointment of Section Administrator.   The board concluded that a 3 year appointment was permissible in our bylaws, and we wish to continue to that practice.


Michael Wieszchowski distributed the 2013 Committee Chair Roster in advance of the meeting.  The notable additions to the roster of committee chairs include the following:

  • Don Adams will serve as District Nominating Committee Chair
  • Kim Hazarvartian, Mike Knodler, and Tom Gorrill will serve as International Director Nominating Committee Chair
  • Michael Collins will serve as the Website Coordinator


  1. District Committee Reports
    1. Student Chapter Coordination – Traffic Bowl and Other Initiatives – Mike Salatti

Mike Salatti could not be on the conference call, so Mike Knodler addressed this item.  New England Section Board meeting will be in conjunction with the Connecticut Chapter in April, and this was chosen as the location of the student traffic bowl.  The next student traffic bowl will be in November in the Met NY/NJ Section in Queens.


There was a discussion regarding travel support for students.  It was agreed that we have a line item for student support, and student chapters were free to ask for travel support via that line item.


  1. Technical – Mayer Horn

No report provided, not on call.


  1. 2013 Annual District Meeting – NE Section – Joe Balskus and Mike Knodler

Joe Balskus and Mike Knodler distributed a progress reported on meeting planning activities to date for the 2013 meeting, which will be in Northampton, Massachusetts.  They looked into the use of Cvent, due to their financial requirements.  They will be still doing online registrations, which allows the use of credit cards, using 1-2-3.  There will be 13 technical sessions, with approximately 40 presenters.  Registration is $275, and room rate is $149 per night.  There is an Emerging Professionals workshop on the second day.  The companion tour will include a tour of Yankee Candle and local museums.


Armando Lepore motioned to accept the final budget for the annual meeting, as presented.  Paula Benway seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


  1. By-laws – Kim Hazarvartian

Michael Wieszchowski has identified a number of items in the by-laws that he will review off-line with Kim Hazarvartian off-line before the next meeting.  Paula Benway also had some comments, which she provided to Kim Hazarvartian.


  1. Other Standing Committees

No other reports.

  1. Old Business
    1. 2013 ITE International Meeting Support – Boston, MA – John Kennedy

John Kennedy indicated that the registration fee will be $675.  He indicated that he and Ken Petraglia are planning peripheral event with money from the NE District and its Sections.  The ideas include a hospitality suite, a reception, and/or scholarships for extra people to attend the conference.  A total of $15,500 was raised from District and sections.  The goal is to raise another $5,000-$10,000 from sponsorships from the private sector.


Armando Lepore motioned to release the $5,000 previously committed for the multiple activities that have now been identified for a district recognition activity.  Gordon Meth seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


  1. TRB Student Reception – Michael Knodler

The $1,050 previously approved for a Northeast District student reception at TRB was used for a very successful event.  There were over 100 people there, with representatives of 10 schools and several members of the District Board.


  1. New Business
    1. District Calendar Updates – Michael Wieszchowski

Michael Wieszchowski handed out the District Calendar, prepared by Gordon Meth.  He asked that comments be given to Gordon Meth before it is submitted to Headquarters next week.


  1. ITE International VP Candidate Election Support – John Kennedy

John Kennedy humbly requested that the District not give him financial support for his campaign, but instead use any funds for additional scholarships for the International ITE meeting in Boston.


  1. Northeastern District International Director Election – Michael Wieszchowski

The two candidates need to be submitted to Michael Wieszchowski and Gordon Meth by April 1st.  We need to have advertisements in newsletters in April or early.  Petition candidates need to be submitted by May 21st.  By June 14th ballots have to go out, and they are due by July 15th.


Armando Lepore motioned that the above dates are approved.  Paula Benway seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Michael Wieszchowski will need to appoint a teller committee of 3 people.


  1. Leadership ITE – Paula Benway

There is an initiative at ITE Headquarters for a program called “Leadership ITE”.  She brought a copy of the packet on it, and discussed the program.  She will scan it and send it later.  Headquarters had previously indicated that they wanted to kick it off this year, but Paula wasn’t sure if that was still on schedule.  It is an $8,000-$10,000 expense overall between travel and accommodation.  ITE Headquarters is hoping that Sections and Districts will identify their rising stars, and will help them pay for the program, or find ways to pay for the program.  There was a general discussion of the program, and the need to consider funding it in the future.


  1. District Website – Michael Wieszchowski

Michael Wieszchowski indicated that there was a need to update the website.  He requested that we amend the budget to allocated $1,500 to update the website.


Gordon Meth motioned that we amend the budget so that $1,500 would be available for website development.  Paula Benway seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


  1. Banking Issue – Michael Wieszchowski

NY Upstate Section incurred a $77.50 bank service charge, due to delays in cashing checks and the closing of HSBC.  Don Adams personally reimbursed the NY Upstate Section for the charge.


  1. Adjournment

With discussions complete, Armando Lepore motioned to adjourn at 3:14 PM. Michael Knodler seconded and the motion passed unanimously.



Separate Attachments:

  1. Benway, January 2013 Executive Director’s Report
  2. Gayle, 2012-2013 Northeastern District Budget
  3. Wieszchowski, Committee Roster
  4. Wieszchowski, District By-laws
  5. Knodler and J. Balskus, 2013 Annual Meeting Progress Report
  6. McMenamin and L. LaMunyon, 2014 Annual Meeting Progress Report
  7. Meth, 2013 District Calendar
  8. Meth, 2013 District Officer’s Roster

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