May 2013 Meeting Minutes


May 2013 Meeting Minutes

Attendees included:

Michael Wieszchowski, Chair * Hibbett Neel, International Vice President
Michael Knodler, Vice Chair * John Kennedy, Candidate for International VP
Gordon Meth, Secretary/Treasurer * Jeff Arey, Candidate for International VP
Armando Lepore, Immediate Past Chair *

Paula Benway, International Director *

Adam Allen, MET Section President *

Doug Halpert, NE Section

Mike Salatti, District Student Outreach Coordinator

Nick Fomenko, NE Section

Luigi Casinelli, MET Section Secretary * Andy Saracena, MET Section
Amir Rizavi, MET Section Treasurer * Habeeb Ahson, MET Section
Grace Van Kirk, MET Section President * Keith Hall, MET Section
Bill McMenamin, MET Section Jr. Director * Leon Goodman, NE Section
Lynn LaMunyon, MET Section * Frank Dolan, NY Upstate Section
Paul Eng-Wong, MET Section * Don Adams, NY Upstate Section
Joseph Segale, NE Section President * Alan Cloutier, NE Section
Michelle Langone Danilla, NE Section Vice Chair * Joe Balskus, NE Section
Joseph Hallisey, NE Section Secretary * Ken Petraglia, International Director candidate
Kien Ho, NE Section * Michael O’Rourke, MET Section
Roger Dickinson, NE Treasurer * Mayer Horn, District Technical Chair
Mark Sargent, NY Upstate Section President * Sam Gregorio, NE Section
Kimberly M. Fabend, NY Upstate Section Director * Doug Prentiss, NE Section
Steven Gayle, District Administrator John Mirabito, NE Section
Thomas Brahms, ITE Executive Director David DeBaie, NE Section
Aliyah Horton, ITE Headquarters Staff


Mrs. Wieszchowski

* Denotes voting member


  1. Call to Order

At 5:04 PM Michael Wieszchowski, District Chair, called the meeting to order and thanked everyone for attending.


  1. Introductions and Quorum Determination

Introductions were made and a roll call of delegates was completed. It was determined that a quorum was present with 20 of 20 voting members present.

  1. 2013 District Officer Election Results

Michael Wieszchowski announced that Gordon Meth has been elected District Secretary/Treasurer.  Gordon will now join Michael Wieszchowski as District Chair, Mike Knodler as Vice Chair, Armando Lepore as Immediate Past Chair and Paula Benway as International Director to comprise the Northeastern District Executive Committee.

  1. Report of Chairman

Michael Wieszchowski congratulated Gordon Meth on his election win and welcomed him to the board. Michael Wieszchowski also announced that John Kennedy and Jeff Arey, candidates for International Vice President, were present.  He also announced that there will be an election for International Director this year.  There are two candidates – Ken Petraglia and Gary Hebert.

  1. Report of Immediate Past Chairman

Armando Lepore thanked everyone for their support during the course of his time on the District Board.

  1. Report of Vice Chairman,

Mike Knodler mentioned that he had coordinated the District Awards process and completed the awards review for selection of the Section Activities Award, Outstanding Student Chapter Award and Student Paper Award. Mike noted that the winners have already been sent along to ITE International for consideration at the International level and that the winners would be announced at the awards banquet.

  1. Report of Secretary

Gordon Meth reported that minutes were up to date.  He also reported that there were no petitions for the International Director election, and that the deadline had passed.  E-ballots will be sent out in June.

Mike Knodler motioned to approve the meeting minutes from the January 25, 2013 Executive Committee Meeting. Paula Benway seconded, and the motion was approved unanimously. 

  1. Report of the International Director

Paula Benway, International Director, noted that her written report was forwarded to board members. Paula provided an update of the activities of the International Board of Direction (IBOD). The most recent meeting prior to our District Board meeting was held on March 1 and 2, 2013 during the ITE Technical Conference in San Diego, CA.

Some of the critical issues discussed at the IBOD meeting which were subsequently discussed during the course of the District Board meeting included the following:

  • ITE completed 2012 with revenues exceeding expenses (i.e. in the black).  Given past budget shortfalls, this was good news.
  • Membership and student membership has been declining.  However, lifetime members have been increasing.
  • Upcoming meetings include Boston (Aug.2013) and next ITE Board Meeting in November.
  1. Report of Student Chapter Coordinator

Mike Salatti mentioned that he has attempted to keep in contact with student chapters.  The student traffic bowl will be in Queens, NY in November.  There was a discussion about the Columbia Chapter, and whether they have gotten off to a good start (they were chartered last year).  Adam Allen reported that they have been active at the section level.  Mike Knodler reported that at TRB, there was a first ever Northeastern Section Student Reception, and it was a successful event.  Mike Knodler also reported that unfortunately, only two student chapters filed annual reports.  There was a lengthy discussion about the $200 per student chapter subsidy, which is passed on to sections to use as they see fit.  There was some discussion regarding limiting the transfer based on active student chapters only.  This became a discussion of involving students.  Michael Wieszchowski directed that the full $2,200 for 11 student chapters be distributed at this time.

  1. District Finances

Steve Gayle presented the 2012-2013 budget line items and reported that as of May 21, 2013 the District had $49,699.26 in the bank (see attached budget report).  Dues transfer from ITE HQ was higher than expected, and expenses have been less than anticipated.  We received a large amount back from the District meeting in Lake Placid.  For this reason, we did not have to transfer any money from reserves so far, as budgeted.  There will be some transfer by the end of the fiscal year (approximately $5,000), however, due to anticipated expenses for the remainder of the year.

The preliminary draft of the 2013-2014 budget included a $9,625 transfer from reserves (i.e. deficit budget) with an initial amount of $37,625 in expenses.

Michael Wieszchowski decided to discuss Leadership ITE before finalizing and voting on the budget.  After a presentation and a discussion, Michael Wieszchowski proposed to adjust budget to have $3,000 for Leadership ITE, and reduce annual meeting subsidy to $3,500.

Lynn LaMunyon motioned to make the above change, with the caveat that Leadership ITE funding go to someone in the District.  Paul Eng-Wong seconded. The motion passed with 17 in favor, 3 opposed.

Mike Knodler motioned to accept the 2012-2013 budget. The motion was seconded by Grace Van Kirk and passed unanimously.

  1. Committees

Armando passed out the proposed 2013 Committee Chair Roster (please see attached roster).  The notable additions to the roster of committee chairs include the following:

  • Don Adams will serve as District Nominating Committee Chair
  • Kim Hazarvartian, Mike Knodler, and Tom Gorrill will serve as International Director Nominating Committee Chair
  • Michael Collins will serve as the Website Coordinator


Adam Allen motioned to accept the committee appointments. Armando Lepore seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.


Michael Wieszchowski appointed an ad-hoc District Finance committee consisting of Gordon Meth (chair), Grace Van Kirk, Joe Balskus, and Don Adams.


Armando Lepore motioned to accept the ad hoc finance committee. Lynn LaMunyon seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.


  1. Reports for District Committees

Submitted reports included those from the Bylaws Committee as well as Technical, and the Policy and Legislative Committees.  Paul Eng-Wong thanked Aliyah Horton for putting the Legislative report from HQ together.  Lynn LaMunyon gave a verbal report on International Nominations committee.

  1. Annual Meeting Reports

2012 – Lake Placid, New York

Co-Chairs Don Adams and Mike Wieszchowski indicated that the meeting was an overall success with a generated surplus. A final report on the meeting had been submitted last September.


2013 – Northampton, Massachusetts

Co-Chairs Mike Knodler and Joe Balskus indicated that the meeting was going well. Attendance is 269 as of today, including 36 students.  They included plenty of choice in the committee.  They plan to provide a final report at the fall board meeting.


2014 – Long Branch, New Jersey

Co-Chairs Bill McMenamin and Lynn Lamunyon presented details on the upcoming meeting in Long Branch, New Jersey. The meeting is proposed to run from Wednesday May 14, through Friday, May 16 and would be based at the Ocean Place Resort & Spa, which is located next to the Atlantic Ocean. A draft meeting budget was presented (see attached). The meeting registration cost will be $275 per attendee.


Paul Eng-Wong motioned to approve Northampton on May 14-16, 2014 as the accepted location and date of the 2014 Annual Meeting. Amir Rizavi seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

2013 – Annual Meeting in Boston, MA

Ken Petraglia gave a brief report.  He thanked the District and Sections for their financial report, and indicated that they will be looking for some volunteers to assist in events.  He also asked everyone to attend.

  1. Old Business

ITE HQ has offered to allow us to affiliate with their tax-exempt status.


Bill McMenamin motioned to authorize the District Chair to sign the affiliation agreement and the District affirmation and to authorize payment of $50 for affiliating with ITE International’s tax excempt status.  Adam Allen seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


  1. New Business

Michael Wieszchowski announced that the fall Board Meeting will be held during the MET Section meeting on September 20, 2013 at the NY Upstate Section Annual Meeting in Geneva, NY.


  1. Adjournment

Lynn LaMunyon motioned to adjourn at 6:55 PM. Joe Segale seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


Separate Attachments:

  1. Benway, May 2013 Executive Director’s Report

2013 January NED Meeting Notes

2012 September NED Meeting Notes

  1. Gayle, 2013-2014 Northeastern District Budget
  2. Wieszchowski, Committee Roster
  3. Wieszchowski, District By-laws
  4. McMenamin and L. LaMunyon, 2014 Annual Meeting Progress Report

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