May 2012 Meeting Minutes


May 2012 Meeting Minutes

Attendees included:


Armando Lepore, Cha r

Michael Wieszchowski, Vice Chair Michael Knodler, Secretary/Treasurer Gary Hebert, Immediate Past Chair Paula Benway, International Director Grace Van Kirk, MET Section President Adam Allen, MET Section Vice President Luigi Casinelli, MET Section Treasurer

Bill McMenamin, MET Section Past President Ray DiBiase, MET Section Jr. Director

Ed Bolden, MET Section

Lynn LaMunyon, MET Section Kien Ho, NE Section President

Joseph Segale, NE Section Vice President Peter Vasiliou, NE Section Treasurer


Steven Gayle, District Administrator Rod Emery, District Nominating Chair Ken Petraglia, 2013 Int’l Mtg LAC Chair Joe Balskus, NE Section

Amir Rizavi, MET Section

Paul Eng-Wong, District Policy & Legislative Chair Hibbett Neel, Int’l ITE VP Candidate

Frank Dolan, NY Upstate Section Jon Dietrich, NE Section

Andy Saracena, MET Section

Mike Salatti, District Student Outreach Chair Paul Mackey, Quebec Section

Michael O’Rourke, MET Section

Kim Hazarvartian, District Bylaws Chair Leon Goodman, NE Section



angone Danilla, NE Section Secretary

Paul Plfeuger, NY Upstate Section


Joseph Hallisey, NE Section Sr. Director Roger Dickinson, NE Section Sr. Director

Don Adams, Annual Meeting Co-Chair Rock Miller, Int’l ITE President


Meaghan Capuano, NY Upstate Section President      Habib Attson, MET Section Timothy Trabold, NY Upstate Section Sr. Director


1.     Call to Order


At 2:45 PM Armando Lepore, District Chair, called the meeting to order and thanked everyone for attending.


2.     Introductions and Quorum Determination


Introductions were made and a roll call of delegates was completed. It was determined that a quorum was present with 20 of 20 voting members present.


3.     2012 Dis rict Officer Election Results


Armando Lepore announced that Mike Knodler has been elected District Secretary/Treasurer. Mike will now join Armando as District Chair, Mike Wieszchowski as Vice Chair, Gary Hebert as Immediate Past Chair and Paula Benway as International Director to comprise the Northeastern District Executive Committee.


4.     Report of Chairman


Armando congratulated Mike Knodler on his election win and welcomed him to the board. Armando



Rock Miller, ITE International President and Hibbett Neel, ITE International Candidate for Vice


President to the meeting.


Armando announced the formation of the newest student chapter at Columbia University which had been approved through an email vote of the Northeastern District Board. Armando also announced that


Institute of Transportation Engineers Northeastern District Board Meeting May 24, 2012

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UMass-Amherst had won the District Student Traffic Bowl and would be representing the Northeastern District at the Grand Championship in Atlanta, GA during the ITE Annual Meeting in August.


5.     Report of Immediate Past Chairman


Gary Hebert thanked everyone for their support during the course of his time on the District Board. Gary noted that he was pleased to provide input in selection of the Boutwell Award and would serve as Teller for the election later in the year.


6.     Report of Vice Chairman,


Mike Wieszchowski mentioned that he had coordinated the District Awards process and completed the awards review for selection of the Section Activities Award, Outstanding Student Chapter Award and Student Paper Award. Mike noted that the winners have already been sent along to ITE International for consideration at the International level and that the winners would be announced at the awards banquet. Mike also informed attendees that the District would now award monetary prizes for second ($500) and third ($250) place in the student paper competition to go along with the existing $1,000 award provided from Stantec for the first place recipient.


7.     Report of Secretary


Mike Knodler thanked everyone for welcoming him to the District Board and that he was looking forward to serving alongside the existing board members. Mike next asked if delegates had reviewed the meeting minutes from the January Executive Committee Meeting and if there were any additions or corrections.


Mike Wieszchowski motioned to approve the meeting minutes from the January 17, 2012 Executive Committee Meeting. Paula Benway seconded, and the motion was approved unanimously.


8.     Report of the International Director


Paula Benway, International Director, noted that her written report was included within the meeting  packet. Paula provided an update of the activities of the International Board of Direction (IBOD). The most recent meeting prior to our District Board meeting was held March 2 and 3, 2012 during the ITE Technical Conference in Pasadena, CA.


Some of the critical issues discussed at the IBOD meeting which were subsequently discussed during the course of the District Board meeting included the following:


  • ITE approaching a higher than anticipated deficit of greater than $300,000 for 2
  • Based upon a survey performed by ITE Headquarters approximately 15 Districts/Sections/Chapters expressed initial interest in the ITE Group Tax Exemption. ITE will pursue an umbrella plan, which will be optional for Districts/Section/Chapters to
  • The ITE International Nomination and Election process is under revi The IBOD authorized the ITE Executive Committee to appoint a panel to review the process and make suggested modifications to improve some of the known issues. A draft report was prepared and submitted to

the IBOD which outlined a proposal for the nominating and election process. The new proposal

has been met with some concern. The next step will include Constitutional Amendments which must be approved by ITE membership. District members with any comments or concerns on the proposed nominating and election process should contact Paula.

  • Upcoming meetings include Atlanta (Aug. 2012) and Boston (Au2013).


9.     Report of Student Chapter Coordinator


Mike Salatti mentioned that he is looking forward to his new role and has already started reaching out to Student Chapters and Advisors. Mike Salatti reported on the results of the District Student Traffic Bowl which had been held in the Fall of 2011 for two reasons: 1) to allow the winning team more time to raise funds for travel to the Grand Championship at the International Meeting, and 2) more readily facilitate the event being held in the MET NY/NJ Section. The latter is consistent with the District’s desire to rotate the event between the three Sections of the District. Mike will work to coordinate the District Student Traffic


Institute of Transportation Engineers Northeastern District Board Meeting May 24, 2012

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Bowl for the 2013 competition. Mike also mentioned that among his priorities will be reaching out to the newest student chapter at Columbia University.


10.  District Finances


Steve Gayle presented the 2011-2012 budget line items and reported that as of May 12, 2012 the District had $52,177.98 in the bank (see attached budget report).


The preliminary draft of the 2012-2013 budget included a $10,725 transfer from reserves (i.e. deficit budget) with an initial amount of $36, 225 in expenses.


In reviewing individual line items a discussion arose as to whether the travel stipend provided to the International Director was adequate.


Rod Emery motioned to increase the travel stipend for the International Director from $4,500 to $5,000. Mike Wieszchowski seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


Gary Hebert motioned to accept the 2012-2013 budget. The motion was seconded by Mike Wieszchowski and passed unanimously.


11.  Committees


Armando passed out the proposed 2012 Committee Chair Roster (please see attached roster). The notable additions to the roster of committee chairs include the following:

  • Ed Bolden will serve as Membership Chair
  • Lynn LaMunyon will serve as District Nominating Committee Chair
  • Technical Committee Chair will be Mayer Horn
  • Umang Patel will serve as the Website Coordinator
  • Paul Eng-Wong will serve as the Chair of the Policy and Legislative Committee
  • Mike Salatti will serve as the new Student Coordinator


Mike Wieszchowski motioned to accept the committee appointments. Gary Hebert seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.


Submitted reports within the meeting packet included those from the Website Administrator, the Tellers Committee, the Membership Committee as well as the Policy and Legislative Committee.


12.  Annual Meeting Reports


2011 – Port Jefferson, New York

Armando commented that the meeting was an overall success with a generated surplus. A final report on the meeting had been submitted last September.


2012 – Lake Placid, New York

Co-Chairs Don Adams and Mike Wieszchowski indicated that the meeting was going well. They plan to provide a final report at the fall board meeting.


2013 – Northampton, Massachusetts

Co-Chairs Mike Knodler and Joe Balskus presented details on the upcoming meeting in Northampton, Massachusetts. The meeting is proposed to run from Wednesday May 22, through Friday, May 24 and would be based at the Hotel Northampton, which is located in the heart of downtown Northampton. A draft meeting budget was presented (see attached). Some discussion arose with regards to the full meeting registration costs, which was initially proposed to be $250. After some discussion it was decided that the full meeting registration cost should be $275 per attendee.


Mike Wieszchowski motioned to approve Northampton on May 22-24, 2013 as the accepted location and date of the 2013 Annual Meeting. Luigi Casinelli seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.


Institute of Transportation Engineers Northeastern District Board Meeting May 24, 2012

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2014- New York City, New York

Bill McMenamin presented a progress memorandum on a proposal to host the 2014 Annual Meeting in New York City. After an initial request for proposals, Bill reported that they had identified the Broadway Millennium Hotel as a possible location for the meeting. After much discussion about the potential costs

(both registration and room night) as well as required room block minimums it was decided that several

additional questions needed to be addressed and the discussion was tabled until the fall board meeting.


13.  Adjournment


Armando announced that the fall Board Meeting will be held during the MET Section meeting on September 20, 2012 at the Milleridge Inn in Jericho, Long Island, New York.


Gary Hebert motioned to adjourn at 4:30 PM. Mike Wieszchowski seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


Separate Attachments:


  1. Lepore, Group Exemption Documentation
  2. Knodler, 2012 District Officer’s Roster
  3. Knodler, Meeting Minutes from January 17, 2012 NED Executive Committee Meeting
  4. Benway, March 2012 Executive Director’s Report
  5. Gayle, 2012-2013 Northeastern District Budget Draft
  6. Lepore, Committee Roster
  7. Knodler, 2013 Annual Meeting Progress Report

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