2011 Annual Meeting

Port Jefferson, NY (See Presentations Below)

1A – Asset Management

Transportation Asset Management
Condition Assessment and Improvement Program for Guide Signage
GIS Workflow
Session 1A Abstracts
Session 1A Bios

1B – Smart Infrastructure
Performance Measures for RIDOT’s Traffic Management Center
Safe Streets For Seniors
Traffic Signal Priority
Arterial Travel Time

2A – MPT for Complete Streets
Changes in MUTCD
Craigie Drawbridge Reconstruction
GW Bridge Replacement
MPT Issues in Lower Manhattan

2B – Counting and Detecting Bikes
Motorcycle and Bicycle Detection
Using Video For Counting
Vehicles, Bicycles and Pedestrians
Pedestrian Activation Devices
Solutions to Monitor Pedestrians and Cycle Traffic
Session 2B Bios

3A – Robert Moses
Those Who Can, Build
Session 3A Abstracts
Session 3A Bios

3B – Complete Streets
Strategies For Accomodating Bicyclists in Narrow Rights of Way
Bringing Complete Streets to Life
Syracuse Connective Corridor
Colchester Avenue

3C – State of the Practice with Adapted Traffic Control
Meadowlands Adaptive Signal System for Traffic Reduction
Adaptive Traffic Control
Practical Considerations for an ACS-Lite Pilot Project in New Jersey
Session 3C Abstracts
Session 3C Bios

4A – The High Cost of Free Parking
On-Street Management
High Cost of Free Parking
ITE Parking Generation Manual and its Limitations
Car Sharing
Session 4A Abstracts
Session 4A Bios

4B – Transportation Policy
Urban Freight Planning
Corner cars
Congestion Pricing as a Panacea
NYC Pedestrian Safety Study
Session 4B Abstracts
Session 4B Bios

5A – Firm-based codes
Think About Design
Session 5A Abstract
Session 5A Bio

5B – Making Great Multi-Modal Places
TOD in Stamford
Heartland Town Square
Motor Parkway Trail
Envisioning a New Neighborhood in South Boston

6A – Complete Streets Projects II
Improving Safety at Schools
Reconstruction of Route 88
Sunrise Highway Cooridor
Hoyt Avenue at RFK Bridge

6B – Transportation Safety Livability
Critical Issues Surrounding Railroad Crossing Accidents
Safety Town
Overview of a Comprehensive Traffic Safety Improvement Program
Traffic Calming – Promoting Walking with Safer Streets

7A – Cutting Edge
Cell Phone Tracking
Diverging Diamond Interchanges
Measuring the Impact of Accessibility Change on Commercial Property Values
Session 7A Abstracts
Session 7A Bios

Northeastern District